Latest Five
Some blogs I read occasionally post monthly and yearly status updates. From now on I’ve decided to do a recap of what’s happened during the year, to see what I’ve achieved, and maybe plan something for the upcoming year as well. So without further ado, let’s jump straight to January 2021!
This is it. The last puzzle of the event. We’ve almost made it through. The only thing that stands between us, and the sleigh keys are two herds of sea cucumbers. Cucumbers are constantly in the move, and our task is to simulate their behavior.
Unfortunately, I’ve decided not to solve this task. It does require reverse-engineering the given code, and I’m just not motivated enough to do that. So yet another task that needs to be done by hand is just too much for me. Sure today’s task is interesting, I’m just too exhausted to do it.
And they did it again. Today’s task is yet again “try this easy part, that can be solved by brute force. Yes, correct… now suffer from all this extra data you need to process” type of task. Our task is to move every Amphipod into their room:
Today we need to reboot the reactor. Unfortunately, the reactor is made out of cuboids that can intersect in 3D space. First part requires us to figure out which cubes are on or off, but only for the range of -50 to 50 for each coordinate.

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