Andrey Listopadov

I have a Patreon now!

@misc ~1 minutes read

I’d like to announce that I now have a Patreon page where you can support me and what I do.

Lately, I’ve started noticing that I dedicate a lot of my personal time to all the projects I’m making and maintaining, but I don’t have a lot of time to immediately fix all issues that other people have. So I’ve decided to set up a rather basic subscription for those who would like to support me and help me keep maintaining my Kakoune plugins, and other projects I work on. I’m not going to provide any exclusive content right now, so this subscription doesn’t provide any benefits to the subscribers. And you can always help me by fixing bugs or improving the code of the projects you find useful! Though, I’m thinking that I might write some private posts in the future, (that will be available through link sharing), though I don’t have any concrete ideas right now.

But now, if anyone wanted to support plugin or library development, or just buy me a cup of coffee, there’s a way to do it!