Andrey Listopadov

Advent of Code: Day 22 - Reactor Reboot

@aoc2021 ~1 minutes read

Today we need to reboot the reactor. Unfortunately, the reactor is made out of cuboids that can intersect in 3D space. First part requires us to figure out which cubes are on or off, but only for the range of -50 to 50 for each coordinate. This is a grand total of 1030301 cubes, so we can solve this by brute force approach, which I’m absolutely sure will not work for the second part, but I did it anyway.

The second part simply wants us to process a whole range of cubes, and I’ve thought about it for a bit and decided not to waste any more time on this. Honestly, the tasks lately are becoming really tedious and boring while not being really challenging. Seriously, there already were three tasks that are like “hey here’s an exponential growth, try it on a small sample, then do it on a whole one”. This one is no different.

I mean, the second part is essentially about keeping all ranges and subtracting overlapping ranges that are off from all currently existing ranges. The only challenge here is to properly write the detection and subtracting code. Then the remaining ranges need to be computed into the total amount of cubes. I just don’t want to waste time on this, I’ve seen such type of task three (or more) times already during this event only.

To be completely fair, I really wanted to complete this event, but as it seems I will not do it. I’m losing steam and don’t feel invested enough with the quite low variety of tasks this year.

Three days to go.